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Our mission is to inspire creative spiritual seekers to craft outside the box, making meaningful and beautiful keepsakes while gaining insights and inspirations with our blog, tips, hints, and especially our subscription box, the Monthly Conscious Crafting Kit. Each month's box features a seasonal intentional craft centered around an inspirational word, a crystal or stone, and our gift to you, a collectible Divine You card.

Our focus is on insights gained in the process of creating, rather than on the finished product, so makers of all skill levels are encouraged to subscribe and participate. Often these keepsakes become cherished because of insights gained, or because the allegedly creatively challenged person created something so meaningful, even though they doubted their own creative abilities.

What Others are Saying About Divine You Crafts Subscription Boxes

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Divine You Crafts Subscription Box is a brand new box that has a fun and interesting premise that hasn't been done before. The presentation is awesome, this box is wrapped gorgeously and everything arrives exactly as it should. The quality is amazing, we love the craftings supplies - they didn't disappoint! Finally is the curation which we are in love with. We love that this box has layers, there's the word of the month and the stone of the month... But there's also the crafting as well which helps us to create something and how often do we do things like that for fun? NOT ENOUGH. We really enjoyed this box and think that if you like to craft or are just trying to find a little peace and enhance your meditation practice this is definitely the subscription box for you. We feel this is absolutely worth every penny and think you guys will love it too!

- Asheli from I'm Not A Tree  Click here to visit the page

The Divine You Conscious Crafting Kit is definitely a unique subscription! I like how it combines the art of crafting with meaningful self exploration. I also love that it focuses more on the whole experience of creating, rather than the finished project itself...the high quality pen retails for over $8 on Amazon and is ideal for drawing, cartooning, design work, and yes, journaling. 

 - Wendy Rose from 2 Little Rosebuds  Click here to visit the page

Divine You Crafts is a monthly subscription box that sends you arts and crafts items so you can craft about your life. It features a seasonal craft or tool to make, a crystal or stone, and a gift of a collectible Divine You card. For only $39.95 per month, you can make beautiful and meaningful keepsakes while gaining insights and inspirations...I have never used watercolor color pencils before. These are so cool. You color just like a regular colored pencil but then you can take a small paint brush dipped in water and turn the colors into paint. Squeal!!...This month’s card was the word JOURNEY. It is to express where you been, where you are and where you are going. I took this word and made it theme of my drawing....This box came at the right time for me. I am looking for a new path and courage.  I hope you enjoy your box as I did mine. Oh yeah, Good Luck on your Journey! 

- Amy H. from  Click here to visit the page


I really liked this box! I always talk about doing more arts and crafts but I've lost the ambition somewhere along the way. This was a great way to get that spark back and I'm really excited to work more on the inside of my book. Inside were all the supplies needed for the art journal. Gold paint, a glue stick, a fine point marker, sponge brush, watercolor pencils, a paintbrush, a water bowl, and scraps of various types of paper and pages and a stencil as well as the keepsake journal itself. This is crafting done right!  

- Kelli from Subscription Box Mania Click here to visit the page