The Mystery of the Returning Glasses

I want to share a crazy experience that happened to me recently. A few weeks ago I lost a pair of reading glasses that I keep in my purse. I was driving my husband’s car that day, as I was taking it to the dealer for regular servicing. That is the only place I went, returning home right after.

The next day I reached for my glasses and found them to be missing. I asked my husband to search the car, and he found nothing. I went back to the car dealership to see if they had been left there, but they hadn’t been. Fortunately, I had other pairs of glasses, but these were the most recent prescriptions with the fewest number of dings and scratches on the lenses.

Last Thursday I was actually talking about glasses with a friend, and the subject of my disappearing glasses came up with him as well as with another friend. I was still mystified as to where they could have gone. He had searched two other times, and could not find them, so I had written them off as a total loss.

That very night my husband walked in the door with a quizzical expression, his hand held out in front of him with an object in it that he seemed almost afraid of. He walked up and handed the glasses to me. I stared at him with wide eyed wonder and asked where he had found them. He reported that when he went out to his car after work they were just lying there on the driver’s seat.

I have no way of explaining how this happened, and I don’t even want to try. I think that sometimes we need a little mystery and magic to wake us up and shake us out of the coma this crazy world can put us in. It reminded me that no matter how much we think we know, we have no idea how magical this universe can be, or how beautiful life can be when we allow the magic to touch our lives.

In magic, mystery, love and light,


Photo by 85Fifteen on Unsplash