Being a Light in the World

There are so many ways to be a light for someone else, and we are celebrating this concept this week. A while back, we had a table at a boutique where we invited people to make necklaces to be donated to a local charity, or to make a cash donation if they wanted to make one for themselves. We thought we'd have a few to donate to a good cause, and we ended up with somewhere around 50 necklaces plus a good amount of cash to give to the Domestic Violence Center of Santa Clarita.

We thought they would be a nice thing to give to women who were probably in one of the darkest times of their lives. The center chose to make them part of what each participant receives when they complete a 16 week education course through the center. We had no idea how much these small gifts would mean to these women. They were so liked, that DVC requested we provide more, so we had our first Necklace Night with them, where a group of volunteers, learned about the center, learned how to make necklaces, and had fun. 

We also had no idea when we started this what the process of creating these gifts would mean to the women making the necklaces. It was very emotional for some, and all were carefully planned and assembled with the recipients in mind - women most of us do not even know. As it turns out, these efforts bring light to us all, and strengthen our communities. Know we were all smiling all evening long. This group of light made about 80 necklaces that night!

We encourage you to look for ways to be involved wherever you are, and to remember that no kind gesture is too small.  Pay it forward at the Starbucks drive through, let another driver merge in, thank the grocery bagger for their help. And be sure to absorb the light you get back in return.

Love and Light,
Ann and Karen

P.S. For more information about Domestic Violence Center of SCV or Domestic Violence services, please follow this link.  

Photo by David Pentek on Unsplash