Are You Behind?

We've had several subscribers write to us because they are getting behind in doing their monthly craft kits. NEVER FEAR!  And for sure we don't want you to let your Divine You Crafts subscription become a source of stress. That would be the opposite of our intentions for you and your fabulous life.

So we have some thoughts  for you:

1) You deserve to set aside one small block of time each month for yourself.  When we do our crafting classes monthly for each kit, they typically take three hours or less. Of course you are welcome to spend longer doing these wonderful activities, and we do encourage that. But the point here is that we believe you are entitled to schedule two to three hours a month, preferably with a friend, to do your kit and allow yourself to:

  • unplug from routine
  • connect to your soul
  • relax and enjoy
  • get lost in creating
  • explore an activity and yourself.

Don't you agree? Schedule it now!

2) If you have one (or two or three) of those months where life conspires to derail you, and you find you cannot catch up, you always have the option go into your Cratejoy account and move your renewal date out a month.  This means you will:

  • skip a kit
  • have a break
  • and hopefully, use the month to do some you have been saving.

We'd much rather you skipped a month or two than cancel your subscription. The past kits are usually available in the shop, if there is ever one you skip that you decide you want, or if there is one you want another of for yourself or a gift.  Some do sell out, but we think it's better to skip a month than feel guilty or overwhelmed. So cut that out right now!

3) Invite a couple friends over and have a catch up party.  Catch up on each other's lives, and catch up on your crafting. Everyone can do a kit, you can combine them, you can trade them around, and you can have a ball. The kits will be happy you are using them, and you will be honoring this month's theme of PLAY with your besties.

Remember, It's all about being conscious, crafting, and living well.

Love, Karen