Crafting with Others

Often, in my crazy, busy life, it seems luxurious and impractical to take time out to craft. But much like moments when I feel I must push on to the next task and then the next, when what I really need to do is take a nap, meditate, or otherwise just stop for a few minutes, making the mindful decision to craft and create is a necessary part of my well being.

A regular practice of conscious crafting can help one to let go of stress and step out of analytical left brain into a right brain experience, where time vanishes into presence and intense thought gives way to intuition. Crafting can help us enter a mindful, meditative state and allow us to leave our worries, concerns and cares behind for a few minutes. The practice of taking time out to craft and the experience of crafting is as valuable if not more so than any finished product is. This idea is the cornerstone of our vision. Conscious crafting can change your life.

A regular practice of crafting with others is even more beneficial. We here at Divine You Crafts meet monthly with some of our local subscribers to play with the kit contents plus whatever else we have conjured up from the supply shelves. It’s fascinating to watch the process of people coming together to craft. We hug, we visit, we snack, and then we sit down, dim the lights and do a guided visualization together to set the mood and intention for the evening (recordings of our visualizations are posted on our website for your use). We take a beat, and a breath, and then the participants start looking through their boxes like little children at the holidays.

A quiet comes over the room as we ponder the kit contents, perhaps thinking a bit too hard about what to do with them. We then share some ideas, techniques and tips and let them do their thing. You can almost feel the moment when we slip from left to right brain, from overthinking to letting go and playing. We play, then, together like little children do. We encourage each other, and marvel at the incredible variety that we produce from the same materials. We share ideas, materials, stories, laughter, food and sometimes wine. We share whatever the craft brings up for us. Deeply immersed, it is often hard to come back to reality when it is time to clean up and go home. The memories and experiences we have at these events stay with us, and the personal, meaningful crafts we create, even as we doubted our ability to make them, become cherished keepsakes.

We encourage you to make regular time to craft as often as possible. Subscribing to our kits is a good way to do that. Subscribing with a friend, with a promise to meet regularly and work on them is even better. Subscribing with a group who meets regularly to craft? Priceless. If you and a group of friends would like to do a conscious crafting event together, no matter where you live, please email and we will help you devise a plan, and offer you group kits at a reduced rate.