My Space

What does having space mean to you? Does it mean having an actual, physical space of your own in which to renew yourself? Is it being able to give yourself permission to take care of yourself first? Or even at all? Does having space mean being able to get away from the demands of your life for an hour, a day, a week or more? In what ways can you grant yourself the space to relax, to play, to explore, or just to be?
I have lived in a very small house for twenty years, and when my second youngest child moved out recently, leaving only one high schooler left in the household, I find myself excited at the prospect of taking the space he has left as my own. Having space to myself is something I haven’t had in a very long time. As an introvert, time alone to meditate, to craft, create and make art, and to perhaps- gasp- do nothing, is super important. I am grateful that I will have this luxury again.
This room has now become a creative project for me in itself, as I plan colors, textures, work and storage surfaces, and how I want it to feel. I will have all my painting, sewing, and crafting supplies in one place, as well as my massage table up and ready all the time. Because of an injury I have shifted my focus away from massage to our wonderful conscious crafting project, but I still like to get my hands on my loved ones for some occasional energy healing.
I wish you the space to be your authentic self, and to nurture her as much as you nurture others. I wish you the space to do something just for yourself, just because you want to. The gift you give yourself will make a difference in your ability to cope with the stresses of life in this crazy world. 

Love, Ann