Do You Have Space for Fun?

What does having the space for fun mean to you? I’ve been thinking about that one a lot, as time seems to speed up more quickly every day and time to relax, rejuvenate, and play becomes harder to find. It may seem odd to say this, but working at finding the time to play and have fun is a worthwhile project.
Over the weekend, my natural impulse was to stay put in my air conditioned home, catching up on the never ending housework. My husband, fifteen year old daughter and I opted instead to have a family day at the Natural History Museum and the Americana shopping center on the way home. It was entirely worth the effort, the traffic, and the craziness of crowds to spend family time together in one of our favorite places. We experienced a phenomenal virtual reality underwater adventure, saw an exhibit on extreme mammals, and were awed by the gorgeous winged inhabitants of the butterfly pavilion. We played loud music and our favorite alphabet game on the way there and back. It was a great day and well worth the effort.
Sometimes fun happens spontaneously, and sometimes in the craziness of recent times it is an important thing to plan out. I like to sit with my calendar for the next two or three months (because time goes that quickly for me lately!) and plan out some family fun time way in advance. Museum visits, concerts in the park, concerts in arenas as birthday gifts, plays, musicals at the Ahmanson or Pantages, and, of course, very special moments such as when ‘the people’ come to visit. ‘The people’ are my older adult daughter and her three children. My two other adult sons live in town, so when they come I have all of my children and grandchildren in one place, and my heart sings. Planning their visits includes all of the above as well as game nights of Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity, and special foods I only make for the occasion.
But then I think, isn’t the real objective of a successful life to create it so that joy and fun are always present? We can identify the things that give us joy and move our lives towards that. What would you be doing if you could do anything? What do you perceive as holding you back? What can you do to move that direction? We can also approach day to day life with a heaping dose of gratitude, which shifts everything. Coming from gratitude, life can be joyous and fun. We can actively choose to do the things we are already doing, and shift our relationships with them. Choosing to be happy and joyous and to have fun with life is the greatest gift we can give to the people around us, and it shifts our lives also.  So be sure and make some space for fun.
Wishing you a fun summer!
With love,