On Practicing a Craft

We believe that crafting is a great way to get out of your head, into a meditative space, relaxed, clear and centered. The reason we created Divine You Crafts was to impart the idea that craft can be those things and more, a journey as opposed to a destination. We want creative seekers of all skill levels to be in the space of creativity, no matter how bad their minds tell them they will be at it. In our group classes we see that when a person can overcome those feelings and just create, a wonderful sense of accomplishment can occur, and the object made, even when they were certain it would be a catastrophe, ends up becoming a treasured talisman.

We love supporting others in taking a creative journey of their own to see where it will lead. We love seeing people experience a brand new craft form, one they had never thought they could do. We especially love when people send us pictures of the wonderful objects they have created with our kits. If you have anything to share, please email ann@divineyoucrafts.com. We hope that our kits give you moments of introspection, centeredness, clarity, peace and joy.

We also believe that these practices apply to any writing, art or craft you may do, as well as physical practices such as running and dance.  The point is the PRACTICE, not necessarily that you get to be a bestseller, a Picasso or a record holder. Showing up for the practice is what brings joy and expansion to our lives, and is a way to contribute positive energy to the world. 

Divinely yours,
Ann and Karen

P.S. Oh, and by the way, doing one’s chosen practice is exactly how bestsellers, Picassos and record holders happen.