Awakening Wonder

I am going to tell you a story about very special deer, and how he inspired my sense of wonder and opened up my heart. This event occurred sometime in the early nineties, a crazy time of three young children, a full time job, and about a million hobbies. I was always on the go, and seldom just relaxed and allowed myself time to just be.

My best friend lived smack dab in the middle of Montana at the time. We took the youngest child at the time and headed out from Reno on an epic road trip to visit. It was stressful keeping track of my hyper toddler in someone else’s house, and I was desperately ready for some alone time with my bestie. We headed out to a gorgeous place called Crystal Lake for a walk and a picnic.

We walked all around the lake with dragonflies, butterflies, and other small animals as our guides. The water was the purest I had ever seen, and the whole place was magical. After walking the lake’s perimeter, we found a picnic area and sat at a table. My friend next to me on my left, we set about eating our packed lunches.

We heard a noise and looked up to see a young buck enter the picnic area. He stood there tentatively looking at us. I turned my face fully towards him, locking eyes with his, and began sending him love and energy. Relaxing, letting my mind go I began to let the pictures in his head and feelings in his heart fill my mind. I had a deep sense that he missed the comfort of his mother, but that he also wished for the comfort of a mate. He was lonely, stuck in a sort of teen angst. I radiated maternal love to him, and as I did, something really special happened. He walked slowly through the picnic area, up behind me, and rested his head on my left shoulder. I sat very still, relaxing as best as I could, taking it all in. After a couple minutes he backed away, and slowly left the picnic area.

It was an incredible moment for me, one that I will never forget. It was a reminder of how magical life can be when we open our hearts to it. Deep connection can occur when and where we least expect it, if we can remain present to the possibility. I am forever grateful to that beautiful deer, and his willingness to risk safety to experience a moment of connection with us.

With love and an open heart,