Staying Centered

I met an interesting and very intuitive person recently who, after getting to know a bit about me and all my many passions and interests, described me as a wheel. The kind of wheel he described to me was a wooden one, kind of like a spinning wheel. It has a hub in the center, and several spokes reaching from there out to the outer circle.

I like this symbol a great deal. Sometimes I feel scattered, as though my many diverse interests are conflicting.  But seen like this, they all contribute to the stability of the whole, and its ability to move. Trouble happens only when I go too far out on any one spoke, and spend too much time there. That can throw me out of balance.

As much as possible I am trying to stay in the center of the wheel. Meditating, walking, laughing, playing with friends and family, proper rest and food, and other forms of self care help to keep me there. It helps me to balance the energy I give with the energy I receive. When I stay somewhat centered there is a better vantage point of all the spokes, the wheel stays balanced, and motion becomes effortless.

In the body, the center of our energetic system is the heart chakra. When we breathe deeply, act and react from the heart in unconditional compassion, we can change not only our perception of reality, but the lives of those around us as well. Our love and acceptance can create the space for miracles to occur in our lives and our relationships.

From my heart to yours-
With much love,