Awakening Your Sense of Adventure

My fifteen year old daughter and I have a really good time together. Like any mother and daughter, we’ve had our share of ups and downs over the years. We have come through it all with a strong bond of love, laughter and playfulness. We have had many adventures together, but last week we had crazy, spontaneous, epic one.

We live in the LA suburb of Santa Clarita. When I woke that morning, the hour away ocean was calling out to me. Lauren heartily agreed that I had a great idea, and we were on our way. It was magical at the beach, a gentle mist dancing on our faces as we walked along the sand, bundled up against the February cold. The salt air blew away my cares, giving me a sense of freedom.

Over the holidays, we became obsessed with the Disney animated film Moana. It was playing at Ventura’s cheap, “see it before it leaves”, theater, so we thought we’d catch it one more time. What we had forgotten was the fact that it was President’s Day, and about a zillion little kids were all there to see the same movie.

All of a sudden I had another idea, a really crazy one. Five minutes later we were back on the 101 heading North laughing, talking heartfully, singing at the tops of our lungs, as we headed up to Spooner’s Cove at Montana de Oro, one of our most treasured places. We ignored the fact that it was 200 miles away from our home and drove on.

We arrived at our destination at 4:30 and spent a glorious hour exploring the post storm beach full of treasures, the crazy waterfall brought on by all the recent rains, and recharging our batteries. The whole trip was like a reset button, an awakening of the senses. The drive home was every bit as fun, and we finally arrived home, hoarse and exhausted. We followed our hearts that day, and it was so worth it.

Remember to get out of your head and follow your heart sometimes!

Adventurously yours,