Wondering as you Wander

There is an old church song that came to mind today and would not leave, the beginning is "I wonder as I wander...". It's a pretty song, and though I do not know why it popped up today, I'm not sorry to think of it again. As we consider the meaning of WONDER this month, it feel it is perfectly timed.

It brings up the notion of wandering as well and it seems to me that wandering is something we just do not do enough anymore.  We seem to always have a purpose when we walk or when we sit down to think. There is great value in simply wandering, whether it is in a mall, around a city, in your backyard, or out in a larger nature space. Allowing yourself to meander unhooks movement from having to be anywhere special, and allows for happy discoveries and new paths to be noticed and taken. Physically wandering lets the mind become free of needing to keep track of time and being somewhere specific.  It lets the mind also begin to wander and WONDER.

My husband and I love to travel and see new places, and we often plan lots of activities and sights to see. When I think back, however, some of our best travel and life stories came from wandering. The wandering did not always result in finding the most amazing sight or experience, but very often it resulted in memorable events and people who we would not have met otherwise. Had we not wandered a bit, we would have missed them and what they brought to our lives.

So allow yourself to wander. And if you cannot do it physically, allow your mind to wonder and wander. A bit of wandering daily will greatly enhance your creative and problem-solving processes, and could bring untold value to your life experience.


Photo by Luis Del Río Camacho on Unsplash