Take a Break

When times are chaotic and crazy, and we feel powerless to do anything about the pain we see and feel in the world around us, it’s easy to overwhelm to the point of shutdown. Times are like that now. When I feel myself getting spun out, pulled into the drama of life in these times, I consciously choose to take a break, recharge and regroup.

It’s like when I am doing a time sensitive project. I work like crazy to get it all done, and although frazzled and frayed, my mind commands me to keep going, going, going. I will catch it, just in time before collapse, and force myself to rest, to relax and meditate. I often fall into a deep sleep for a few minutes then, awakening fresh, revived, and energized. The time I allow myself is a gift not for me but for the project at hand, which still usually gets completed on time or sooner, despite my mind’s fear about taking that break.

I encourage you in the midst of all your doing, and praying, and worrying about the plight of the world to occasionally stop, lay it all down, and retreat deep into source to be replenished. How do I do that? I rest, breathing deeply in and out a few times as I let my body sink into the comfort of my bed. I cover myself with a blanket, soft and arm. I float, and then I sink deeper and deeper until I find the light of source deep within. I let go, I listen, I rest, and I arise emanating more light to shine on those I love. Taking some time for yourself today may be the best thing you can do for the world around you.

Wishing you peace, light and love,
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash