Intention in Action - Subscriber Troy B. Shares

    For the past nine months or so I have been on a personal journey of discovery about Who Am I and Why Am I Here, in this life, in this space, at this time.  There are not unfamiliar questions for me as I have been seeking and questioning for most of my life.  I am learning to move with the ebb and flow of the creative journey that I am on as I go with Divine You on our monthly consciousness creating craft.
    A few years ago on a visit to a friend’s home I gave one of my acoustic guitars to her son, an incredibly gifted young musician/artist.  Upon arriving back to my home I believed at that time that I had left my music books with him as well.  I despaired most about the 5X7 spiral bound notebook that held the notations of all the songs I had written before I met my husband.  Before I met him I accompanied myself on guitar and wrote silly love songs simply because I so loved doing it.
    In my desire to let go attachment to things and people in my life I discover that without intention I may as well be sitting in a stagnant pond rather than camped next to the river of creative energy. As I am exploring my path to my own expression of minimalism during this letting go process, the biggest steps for me are going through the packed up boxes in storage.  Tonight I opened a box of books that I had chummed through four or five times over the past four and a half years, this time with the intention of sorting through them and only keeping those that sang in my heart.
    As I was pulling pocket books out I spied near the bottom of the box a familiar name and face; John Denver.  My folk-singing, conservationist, and absolute favorite famous person to sing along with.  I also loved to accompany myself on my guitar while singing his songs.  My eyes lit up and I started moving books into a pile just to get them out of the way.  I lovingly gathered up this John Denver songbook along with another beneath it.  Lifting them out, I was effervescent with delight.  It was only a day or so ago that I questioned whether or not my 30 year old acoustic was still serving me.  My thought just now, “this answers that question.”
    My gaze dropped to the interior of the box and lying where it had been safely sandwiched between songbooks was my little red notebook.  My body became ignited with Joy and Gratitude and I snatched the little book to my breast.  Every cell in my Being was singing with Gratitude for what was lost, now found.
    I stood for eternity and 5 minutes letting my Love go out and accepting the LOVE energy in to suffuse me in Bliss.  I am still trembling in that Joy as I write.  My intention these past few weeks has been to allow Divine Source to show me that my prayers are always being answered even if I do not recognize the form the answer shows up in.  What I have discovered on the conscious crafting creation journey is that my intended desires show up to the level of detail I add to my intention in thought, words, actions, emotions, and Care.  The more detail in the intention, the easier it is to recognize the answer to our prayers when it arrives.
    A little sidenote…..
    Last night during a phone call with my daughter I expressed a desire for 1 or 2 long-sleeved T-shirts to add to my wardrobe to make it more interchangeable.  Tonight, while I was still in my effervescent state, my mother gifted me with my first long-sleeve T-shirt in my favorite color, purple.  How’s that for intention to manifestation?!

Troy Ballard