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We have been so blessed in this new year.  Several of you have shared your creations, your thoughts and your miracles with us.  We had noped to create a community with Divine You, and we see it happening.  We love it, we love you and we love where it is going.

From Troy B.

I just read your Divine You message - how amazing that yesterday I spent the day with myself with the December box and the January box and then to find out that in February we will be "mending a broken heart" - the combination of this crafting process, along with my own personal clearing processes has intensified both for me.

It seems that my life has moved further down my path then it could have had I not chosen to participate with Divine You.

Thank you so much!

From Ann U.

Preparations and then the holidays had kidnapped most of my time. Now I can catch up with things that I put aside. 

I loved the Treasures kit. In doing the worksheet I realized that aside from my family it is memories that I treasured most. I started to write the memories down and quickly realized that a single word would bring a memory to mind. So, in my treasure box I have words that contain my memories. In another box I have blank pieces of paper for new memories or when a forgotten occasion or person comes to mind. I like to think that someday I would take out my Treasure box and share my memories with my family and grandchild when they arrive. I also think about a time when I'm not here and someone comes across the box, they will think about their own memories as they pull a word. 

Thanks for providing a place for my treasures.

Love and Light,

PS: One of Ann's boxes is the photo for this post. :-)