More Subscribers Share About Sharing

This week we feature two more of our amazing subscribers, who share their experiences with the Divine You Crafts Share Kit.  We love hearing what you do with your conscious crafting kit, and how you are sharing it and yourself in the world.

September's kit was all about sharing, so these stories are especially perfect right now.

Our first comes from Nicole N., who says:

I am recovering from a spinal surgery and decided to share September's craft with my friend Sue who helped me put together all the necklaces and earrings. See pictures attached.

We couldn't get the photos in here, but they are in the newsletter. :-) 

Our second story comes from Elise B.:

Your share package arrived at the most perfect of moments!  
My daughter Lily is now working in NYC and living in Brooklyn. She has been there since mid-June and during that time has connected with some of my long-time friends, children of long-time friends, friends from her CA past and family.  My cousin's daughter Julia is in a PhD program at Yale and she and Lil have spent a few weekends together at Yale, in NY and on Long Island where my cousin lives.  This coming weekend my cousin is hosting Lily and a girlfriend of hers and Julia will join them.  They live in the Hamptons so it is a great place to spend the weekend, despite the official end-of-summer season there. 
I planned to send a goodie box and had gathered some local treats.  When my September craft kit arrived I immediately thought of a long-ago vacation we all spent together (right after 9/11) and one of the things we did was make safety-pin bracelets.  Between the "share" concept and the recollection of Lily, Linda and Julia gathered in Albuquerque making jewelry 15 years ago, I knew I had to include the kit in the box for them.  So, it is on its way to NY  and I feel great about it.  (ps. the slim-line packaging was great!)
I'm also inspired by the inclusion of the thank you card.  I am pretty good about saying thank you, but your kit made me think of who I don't thank.  I plan to send the note to our Homeowner's Association Board of Directors who work hard, do good things for us and I always describe as having a truly thankless job.

Thank you Nicole and Elise for being Divine You and for sharing your experiences with the Divine Youniverse.  We truly appreciate you.

How have you shared yourself lately?  Share with us.  It doesn't need to be a kit story, either. We want to honor all Divine You actions of generosity and connection in the world.

Karen and Ann