Sharing a Response to Releasing the Positive


Thank you to Ann U. for sending us this wonderful response to what Ann M. wrote last week. We are so grateful that our kits can contribute to a person's life in such a way. We are grateful to all of you who have subscribed, tried a kit, and those who are still considering it. We are grateful to be bring Divine You Crafts into the world with the help of all the Divine Yous out there.

"I threw all my creativity into my job. Planning events, writing grants, creating programs, etc. All these things took a great deal of creativity but there were structures, objectives and needed outcomes. It wasn't for me but for others. I thought once I retired I could let loose. However, I found myself stuck. How and where do I start this personal exploration? I picked up a paint brush to finish a painting I had started years ago. Though I enjoyed painting, the experience was lacking. I wasn't as into it as I was 35, 20 or 10 years ago. I felt unsatisfied. It wasn't the same experience because I wasn't the same person. Your kits are giving me the greatest way to explore different avenues of art. You are giving me a structure, a direction that I had become used to having. (I realized I couldn't go cold turkey with that. It will be a progression of letting go.) Starting with your direction I'm learning to release and to let my creativity go where it wants to. No set objectives or set outcomes. My personal creativity was in hibernation and is being awakened again. Your weekly writings are also feeding this journey of mine. It is almost as if what you are doing is just for me. It is that personal."

Finally, we think this is the perfect quote to share here:

Create what sets your heart on fire, and it will illuminate your path.           -  Karma Voce

We love and appreciate you, Ann U.