Releasing the Positive

I was thinking about the word release the other day. I guess I always think of it in terms letting go, usually of something negative- bad energy, bad thoughts, bad habits, bad relationships or even of letting go of something good that is holding me back, like donating my clutter to charity to be recycled and repurposed. That process of letting go of what no longer serves us to allow space for the greater good to come in and all is what I’ve absorbed from teachers over the years. It’s highly valuable, but while I was researching definitions and quotes about release I came upon another idea.

Record albums are released. Movies are released. New collections are released. I began to wonder what gorgeous and glorious gifts I am holding back from the world that can now be released into it, to make art, to make joy, to make beauty, and to make a difference. We hold on to these treasures of our authentic selves instead of releasing them into the world. Why is that? Is it fear of being criticized? Of being hated? Of being made fun of? What is it that holds you back?

What gifts, what treasures are you holding onto? I urge you to be with this question, to focus on the positives that you can release into the world. Life is much too short, and it is flying by at record speed lately. Is there one small step you can take today towards expressing your gifts?

We will be living in this question right alongside you.

Let your Divine self shine!