Say 'Yes!' to Your Mess! Karen's Sofia Unleashed Blog Radio Appearance

As my friend Sofia says: "Life can be less of a mess when you say Yes…"
But to what? Why is saying yes to others easier than saying yes to yourself?  
Recently, I was featured on the Sofia Unleashed Blog Show chatting about this topic and more. My show is called “Say Yes to Yo’ Mess – Part 1” and is available to listen to on the blog.  It is available to subscribers only, but it is free to subscribe.  The woman who writes this blog and does the interviews is smart, funny, and amazing.  She has written for TV, lived life, and is a grandma (although you would NEVER believe it if you saw her). It's worth checking in and subscribing. Her post on her experience of the Sand Fire is worth seeking out. Amazing things happen in potentially tragic and scary circumstances.


So, check out Sofia Unleashed, and my "appearance".  I had a ball, and we did impart some useful information in the process. Here's how to get to the episode. :-)

With Divine Love,