Grateful for My Many Blessings

“I am grateful for my many blessings” I affirm, as I look upon the abundant love I have been given. I was once a girl, standing high on a bridge, contemplating jumping. Fifteen and feeling stuck beyond stuck, I climbed as high as I could. The wind made the bridge sway, and I swayed between hopelessness and hope. I like to think that they came to me, my children from the future, to beg me to stay.

I don’t know how long I stayed up there, studying the fast, icy, black water below. It seemed like an eternity. The hands of my unborn children tugged impatiently at mine, and finally pulled me down to safety. I am grateful that I found the courage to stay, to live the many lives within this life which have given birth to these remarkable beings, the lights of my life. I am so glad I stayed, and had the opportunity to share my life and love with them. I begin each day anew, affirming once again, “I am grateful for my many blessings.”

Many blessings to you all,