What is Conscious Crafting?

When we talk about ‘conscious crafting’ we are referring to crafting in a state of mindfulness - awake, aware, and present to the process. We are more concerned with the thoughts, feelings, frustrations and insights that may come up during the crafting process than we are with the outcome or product of the craft itself. Regardless of how well it turns out, the creation itself becomes a talisman of the experience, and therefore will often become a cherished keepsake. We chose crafting because it is our particular passion, but it is merely a vessel. The content isn’t as important as the mindful approach one takes to it.

We believe that conscious crafting ‘matters’ because it instructs in a very direct way the power of intention, of letting go, and of allowing inspiration to flow through you. It encourages one to simply be, and to discover that doing flows from being, not the other way around. When people begin to experience themselves as creative, new possibilities open up in their hearts, their souls, and their lives. 

We also believe in our human interconnectedness and the power of group. When we gather together to do anything with shared intention we are exponentially empowered. This is especially true when doing heart work like this.  Crafting consciously and mindfully is an especially sweet experience done with kindred souls.

Be conscious,