My Portable Art Journal (You can take it with you!)

I have a problem. I am addicted to office supplies. I am also addicted to art and craft supplies, but I think the office supply thing goes deeper. My father owned a small business when I was young, and my mother ran the office. I grew up with packs of pens, stacks of note pads, and all manner of other wonderful supplies close at hand.

Being a kinesthetic, artistic girl with vision problems, I have always prefered using a paper appointment book. I adore them, and find myself perusing the selection every time we visit Barnes and Noble, being tempted to put aside whatever book I am currently using in favor of a new, prettier and more colorful model.

A couple weeks ago I found myself doing it again, even rationalizing that it could be a birthday gift to myself. I searched through the beautiful, colorful books….and had an idea; why not get a tin of colored pencils for my purse and begin art journaling in the elegant but boring gold book I was currently using.

I found an adorable tin of colored pencils and it fits beautifully in my purse. I carry a special pen, and threw a sharpener into one of the pockets. It is so much better than lugging around my clunky (but wonderful) art journal, and my ginormous colored pencil roll. I LOVE the way it is turning out, and I know that it will become more than an appointment book, but a cherished keepsake.

Be divinely creative!