To take a journey requires faith, to leave what is known behind and venture into the unknown can be unsettling and scary.  To journey means to travel somewhere. It is an act of adventure, a period of time when one is engaged in exploring a place, an idea, a religion, a vocation, a relationship, a challenge. A journey has a beginning and an ending, and many moments of insight along the way. It’s how we hold those insights when we look back that can make a difference in our lives.

I look back on my life and see many lives really, many journeys and adventures I have taken. I can choose to write about them, or draw about them, or both. I can create a page in my art journal for each journey I have embarked on during this life. In this way I can honor the lessons learned from them and then let them go. That doesn’t mean forgetting important moments, but not letting the past stop me from embarking on my next adventure.

For to journey we must let go of what feels safe and step into the void of the unknown. Sometimes we must endure a painful ending in order to move forward into a new beginning. Expressing ourselves artistically in any way can help with that. We encourage you to use your art journal to process all kinds of feelings, without judgment. Over time it may help you to understand the patterns of how one journey has led into the next, and help you to marvel at the synchronicity of life. Keep journaling, in words and pictures. To journal means keeping a daily record of news and events of a personal nature. It can become a road-map of the journey you are on, and a place to plan your next adventure!

Divinely Yours,