Special Treasures

I went to sleep last night ruminating on the word treasure, and awoke with vivid memories of the “special treasures” that my now teenage daughter collected when she was little. My little naturalist was in love with our very natural yard, and spent many afternoons with the “ladybug friends” she would find on her late brother Jake’s memorial rose bush, chasing hummingbirds, hanging out with our two desert tortoises Rocky and Olivia, running around with our dog Honey, and collecting things.

My girl has had a pretty good life, with comforts and possessions, but her most precious treasures have always included the rocks, shells, leaves, petals, nests, feathers and other objects that she found in our yard, or on one of our many family adventures. The act of collecting these treasures helped to connect her to those events, and she will always remember them. What are some of the treasures that connect you to your memories, loved ones and adventures? How do you tend to and honor them? Maybe take some time this week to touch them, to reconnect to them and to the memories they evoke.

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Wishing you a holiday season full of love, light and many wonderful new memories.
With love,