Treasuring Memories

The following is a poem I wrote for my eldest son when he was two years old:

Streaks of golden light
Shine in hair and eyes
A vision of butterflies
Runs in from the sun upon sweet grass

Child of golden light
Shines like sun at noon
Dreams of stars and moon
Child of night
     Not of me and all of me
Sleep tight
     And dream of all and none

He is a wonderful 33 years old man now, and I have no idea where the years have flown to. I still have vivid memories about that moment; his laughter and joy, running in the morning sun as I push my infant daughter in her stroller on the way to Jazzercize class (say yay for the 80’s!)

The word for the month of November is treasure, and I find myself immersed in the question, “What do I treasure?”  The answer always come back to my family, particularly my beautiful children and grandchildren, and the time we spend together. I am happy that I have raised kids who would prefer to have a fun family outing to receiving a new possession as holiday gifts: at trip to Disneyland, a play at the Pantages, a concert, dinner and a movie, or simply a wonderful game night with my legendary Velvet Butter Chicken.

Conversely, I am finding that I treasure my alone time more every day. I am enjoying my own company, and even allowing myself to have adventures on my own. I was a young mom, and like many of you I have devoted my life to taking care of others. I treasure moments of independence, free to move at my own pace, unencumbered. 

As I get older I find that creating fantastic memories becomes ever more important. For me at this point, memory is everything. I try to let go and enjoy the moment fully, knowing how much I will cherish and treasure those memories forever.

Wishing you memories to treasure,
With love,