ESPECIALLY When We Don't Feel Like It

Sitting down to write when I don’t feel like it is a lot like sitting down to craft when I just don’t want to, or I don’t feel like I have the time, or the energy, or the ‘right’ mood, or whatever else my linear left brain might try to throw up as a road block to my creative expression. I have learned that every time I resist the urge to give in to apathy, or my busy life, or the martyrdom verging on sainthood I sometimes feel about taking care of everyone all the time, and commit to consciously creating even when, ESPECIALLY when I don’t feel like it, magic happens, my mood is lifted, life looks more optimistic, and I face the scary world a little more relaxed and renewed.

Today I just don’t feel like writing, but I’m doing it anyway because I said so, and guess what- it’s making me feel better, more optimistic, more productive and positive.

The election last week was really rough for a lot of us. We had a Conscious Craft Night scheduled for Thursday. A couple people couldn’t be there for various reasons, but for those of us who made a conscious effort and choice to come together, it was magical. The table soon became a chaotic sea of paper, glue, jewels, snacks and wine glasses as we began to create our treasure tins. At times the room was silent, each of us deep in our own creative process. There maybe wasn’t as much laughter and revelry at this particular gathering, but what we got was what we needed- a break from the relentlessly bad news. We left feeling better than we did when we arrived, and we had created amazing creations to take with us.

I encourage you to make a commitment to your creative self. Set aside time daily, weekly, or even monthly and do it regardless of how you feel. Use whatever feelings you have and channel them into the piece you are working on! Maybe the most important piece of the puzzle is finding support. Find a friend or group of friends to craft with regularly. Subscribe together. Make a commitment to meet and craft on a regular basis, and then do it. We are starting programs to facilitate just that. Take a look at the ‘Host a Crafting Event’ page in our website. Special packages will be available soon in our online shop that will go along with that.

In commitment to your creative practice,

And love,