October Subscriber Response - RELEASE

This beautiful sharing was sent to us by our subscriber Troy.  We are so grateful to hear the way that the word of the month resonates with life events and positive movement. Thank you, Troy, for this.  Here is Troy's lovely experience.

This recent August I was blessed with an opportunity to be travel companion with a childhood friend on holiday here from Australia. I spent almost four weeks away from home having a splendid time! Then, the trip was complete and I was back home again. Nothing like 4,000 miles of highway and great company to alter the perspective of your life.
After I returned from travelling to my home, I was struck by the strong, and new, experience of feeling encumbered – to restrict or burden (someone or something) in such a way that free action or movement is difficult. It took the time away to recognize when I returned that something in my life was hampering my “free” action. There was something in my life that I needed to let go of so that the feeling of freedom I experienced while on the road would accompany me at home as well.
Some of us can relate to having a relationship in our lives that, over time, becomes heavy as a stone tied to your ankle with rope, or maybe even chain. I discovered that one of my intimate relationships was encumbering me, and the stone and the chain were invisible because they only existed in my mind. Then an event occurred that was the “straw that broke through my illusion.”
I have come to know that our first and foremost birth right is ourselves; all of ourselves from physical to spiritual we have the birth right to destroy or take care of ourselves. When I looked inside myself after this defining event, I realized that I had taken responsibility for the well-being of another even when I felt anger at the hypocrisy of their life choices.
This month is about RELEASE at Divine You Crafts and one of the excellent release questions this month is: Is there someone who is a drain on you that you should cut ties with? All of this dovetails into one of the biggest things I have ever let go of – released – in my life. I realized that since I have sovereignty over my body, mind, emotions, and spirit, so must everyone else even those closest to me. What I do not have to be is sympathetic to those who choose a lifestyle that I perceive harmful or hypocritical. I do not have to even accept it because acceptance would lead me right back down the same trail to feeling encumbered.
What I did was speak my truth and express that from this moment into my future I will no longer feel sorry for someone who practices willful ignore-ance in the presence of knowledge. When I spoke my truth I could hear the ankle shackle spring apart, the chain dissolve, and the stone in my heart disappeared. RELEASE.