Letting Go

I was thinking today about the monkey who gets its paw stuck in a jar because it won’t let go of the fruit or other food at the bottom of it. The monkey stubbornly clinging to its treasure becomes weighed down by the jar on its arm, but can’t seem to give up and let go. In reflecting on that, I began to examine ways in which I miss out on what wants to come into my life because I am too busy holding onto physical objects, ways of being, relationships, projects, hobbies, employment, and recreation that no longer suit me.

I think I am going to begin a regular practice of acknowledging, thanking, and consciously letting go of these them. Do you have things that could be appropriately released at this time? Here is a visualization to help you do that. Read through it first, and then try it out if it seems helpful.


Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and relax
Visualize the thing you wish to let go of as some sort of small object you can hold in your hands
Thank it for its lessons, and say whatever else you need to feel complete
Look down and notice that a hole has opened up in the ground, just big enough to bury it
Place the item in the hole, and see the earth close around it, transforming the energy into pure white light, love and beauty to be recycled into the world
Take a moment and ask that all of the energy you have left scattered in the world come back to you now. See it coming back into your body, filling in all of the spaces like puzzle pieces until you feel complete
Repeat this process as often as you like, continuing to let go of the old so that your hands are open and free to receive new treasures when they are presented to you

It’s time for all of us to let go and start really living the lives we’ve always dreamed of, the lives we can barely imagine because they are so magical and beautiful. Now more than ever it is important to keep our energy high, in love and light for all mankind. It makes more of a difference than you know.

In love and light,