Sometimes when we sit down to create, we feel blocked. We see the stark white of the paper, page or canvas staring back at us, and we clam up, afraid of doing something “wrong.” Invariably, if we can move through that paralysis, good things can happen, even if the finished product or outcome doesn’t meet our expectations. Here are a few ideas to help get you moving:

Listen to the “create” audio, found in the July, 2016 Resources page. This will help to relax and center you, and set the space for creativity.
Find an object you like and slowly sketch it while focusing on it fully. Carefully notice every detail. This activity helps to switch you from analytical left brain mode into artistic right brain mode. You may also try focusing on the negative spaces in the object.
Draw a lot of overlapping geometric shapes of your choice on a page. After a while you will see interesting shapes emerging. Pick a few complementary colors and begin coloring in some of the random shapes you see.
Draw an “energy portrait” of yourself or someone else. With your pen, sketch a rough head, neck, shoulders, and hair. You can add a full body, if you want. Run your non-dominant hand over the colored pencils and pick whichever color jumps out at you. Apply the color wherever it feels best. Repeat this, coloring, mixing, and blending until it feels complete. I used to do this with my daughter when she was young, and she called it “coloring her energy out.” It always made her feel better.
Scribble like a small child, and try to remember the pure joy you felt when freely creating as a small child. Have fun!