Begin a practice of collecting items to use in your artwork. Keep your eyes open as you go about your life and see what calls to you. Here are some ideas of things that you can collect to have on hand when inspiration strikes you:

Rip pictures out of magazines, catalogs, junk mail, calendars, tear old letters, old book pages, or interesting stationary and keep a large manila envelope (that you can decorate!), or a file folder (that you can also decorate!)

Collect items from the natural world. Leaves and flowers can be pressed. Small stones, pine cones, feathers, and shells are a few ideas.

Old lace, buttons, fabric, buckles, embellishments, beads, ribbon, photographs (or photocopies of old and precious photos you love). Find a cool box, tin, or other container to hold your treasures.

You can see where this is going... the possibilities are endless. The idea is to begin to open yourself up to the gifts that present themselves, and to embrace them with open arms.