Ann here with a cool way to create community with your creative friends. Do you have people in your life whose artistic talents you respect that you would love to work on a shared art piece with?  A collaborative art journal can be just the thing. Karen has a book by the author L.K. Ludwig called Collaborative Art Journals and Shared Visions in Mixed Media and it inspired us to decide on a topic for our shared art journal, and to take turns working on its pages. It has been incredibly inspiring and fun. If you do a google search of the words Collaborative Art Journal you will find all sorts of ideas to share with your creative friends. Some of the groups shown in her book live around the world, each beginning a journal with a particular theme and sending it to the other group members in sequence. What an amazing way to create community, shared creativity and purpose within a group. For more information about L.K. Ludwig, her books, her classes and her art you can visit