light of day and night kit Resources

This month the craft is pretty straightforward and we really didn't have many outside resources to refer you to.

Here are some notes:

Felt Candle Holder

  • If you want to glue the felt to make one piece that is two sided, select the colors that please you and clue the sheets of felt together before you cut them. We recommend spray clue as it is easiest to cover the sheet with.  It's a bit tricky to line them up, but you do have the ability to pull them apart for a couple of minutes after your first try or two. :-)
  • You can reuse the template and cut on the lines again.  It works best to fold the template around the felt piece, fold the entire thing in half, and cut through both the paper and the felt.  You will have to fold on several different "lines" to get all the cuts done.

Sun and Moon Catchers

  • Use your own beads, find or purchase more chandelier ornaments, and experiment with combining several  catchers in a hanging arrangement in your window, or onto one piece of driftwood.  These are beautiful inside or outside of your home. 
  • Be sure to hang where the sun will hit them for best effect.
  • Consider decorating  a tree with several sun and moon catcher ornaments.