Karen Maleck-Whiteley and Ann Mukherjee are the co-creators of Divine You.  

We were introduced by a mutual friend, Renee Coleman, who told each of us that we would love each other, and she was right. Ever since, we've worked creatively together on a series of ideas, classes, and businesses. We focus on making and selling From Root to Crown inspirational jewelry, but what we have always wanted to do was figure out a way to package the transformational crafting classes we had created separately and together. These classes always feature a craft or art element, but with added practices to  facilitate introspection and connection.  Tools such as visualization, journaling, grounding and centering, and more are always taught and included, and the experiences we have had crafting with others in this way are always magical.

Our focus is on the process of creating and the benefits and insights gained by taking the journey, rather than on simply creating an art project. In this way, makers of all skill levels are encouraged to participate.  Often the keepsakes made become especially cherished because of the learning gained and because the person who feels creatively challenged is able to make something so meaningful, even as they doubted their abilities.

We decided to combine our many skills, abilities and artistic talents by creating Divine You Crafts, a website inspiring creative spiritual seekers to make beautiful, meaningful, and often useful items while gaining insight, inspiration and connecting to soul.  Our Divine You Conscious Crafting Kits make it possible to bring these experiences into your life so that you can develop a regular practice of consciously crafting. We encourage you to form a group, or explore and craft with friends.  We also encourage the exploration of the creative process, the use and power of words, and the valuable contribution we each make by being our true selves in this world.

Ideas?  Questions? Inspiration? We want to hear from you. Contact us at:                                                         karen@divineyoucrafts.com or ann@divineyoucrafts.com