The Magic of Stone and Crystal Grids

This month's kit showed you have to make mandalas, which we hope you are finding to be interesting, relaxing, and fun. We included 51 stones to use for making your own stone and crystal grids, either on your mandalas or wherever you like. If you have been with us for any length of time, you've also collected several other stones from your kits, and you may have some of your own. Laying out crystal and stone grids is a great way to work with your stones and help them to work for and with you. So here's some some more info about ways to do this. 

You can approach building stone grids several ways, Many people study the qualities of the stones and put them together in combinations of the types of stone energy needed at the moment. We tend to take a more organic approach and put them together by what feels good to us, visually and energetically, and we put them wherever we want, usually on a desk or shelf in our Divine You space. You can also build them on your mandalas or on pre-made sacred geometry charts that are readily available online. These tools help to concentrate and enhance the energies of the stones to work together.

Other basics:

  • Put your grid wherever you would like it to work. Common places are living rooms, work spaces (even under your desk), bedrooms, patios, etc. They are pretty and can enhance any space while they improve the energy or forward your intentions.
  • Use a crystal as a center point.  A quartz point is a traditional center, but calcite, selenite, and really any other stone can act as the focal point for your layout. Quartz has its own piezoelectrical field, which helps to center and concentrate the energies of the other stones in the layout. Piezoelectricity is the electric charge that accumulates in certain solid materials (such as crystals, certain ceramics, and biological matter such as bone, DNA and various proteins) in response to applied mechanical stress. The word piezoelectricity means electricity resulting from pressure. You can also use quartz points in groups by laying them out at intervals around your grid, all pointing the same direction, or all pointing inward or outward. 
  • Use groups of the same crystal. Make patterns that are symmetrical and balanced and use numbers you like or that work for your pattern.  You can check the meanings of numbers at Doreen Virtue's Angel Number page here. You can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, as feels best to you at the time.
  • You can mix your types of stones. Karen uses stones that she found outside for north, east, south and west stones, and many other types of tumbled and crystal stones for her grids. Your stones don't have to be "precious" to be in your grid.
  • You can incorporate shells, flowers, leaves, feathers, and other natural materials as well as mementos like charms and photos as you like. You can see below that we do even do it with things like the cards from our kits. That one was part of a brainstorm process we did at a retreat.
  • After building a grid, we always take a moment to "be with it" and activate it. We put our open hands above the layout and sense and feel the energy it emanates, and set our intention for the grid. We also thank it for being here today and helping us. People often use votive candles around and in their layouts as another way to enhance and activate them.

Here's a link to some pictures of layouts and grids we have done, both simple and complicated. Please send us some of yours to Sharing Page Link
Have fun with your stones and let them play with you in all the spaces of your life.
Love, Ann and Karen   

My Space

What does having space mean to you? Does it mean having an actual, physical space of your own in which to renew yourself? Is it being able to give yourself permission to take care of yourself first? Or even at all? Does having space mean being able to get away from the demands of your life for an hour, a day, a week or more? In what ways can you grant yourself the space to relax, to play, to explore, or just to be?
I have lived in a very small house for twenty years, and when my second youngest child moved out recently, leaving only one high schooler left in the household, I find myself excited at the prospect of taking the space he has left as my own. Having space to myself is something I haven’t had in a very long time. As an introvert, time alone to meditate, to craft, create and make art, and to perhaps- gasp- do nothing, is super important. I am grateful that I will have this luxury again.
This room has now become a creative project for me in itself, as I plan colors, textures, work and storage surfaces, and how I want it to feel. I will have all my painting, sewing, and crafting supplies in one place, as well as my massage table up and ready all the time. Because of an injury I have shifted my focus away from massage to our wonderful conscious crafting project, but I still like to get my hands on my loved ones for some occasional energy healing.
I wish you the space to be your authentic self, and to nurture her as much as you nurture others. I wish you the space to do something just for yourself, just because you want to. The gift you give yourself will make a difference in your ability to cope with the stresses of life in this crazy world. 

Love, Ann

Getting Clear

The Divine You word for the month of May is Clear. I (Ann) have been thinking about that word a lot, wondering what in the world to write about, because so much of life feels unclear right now, like we have been in stasis or limbo for a few months, and it is time to get going again. It is Spring, the time of movement and growth, and the new pushes up through the debris of the old, bringing with it a freshness. I find myself asking what I can do to help that process along. A synonym for clear is transparent, and living authentically with myself and others is what it is all about.

I think a massive Spring cleaning is in order. It is time for me to let go of people, places and things that no longer serve me. I just went through my Facebook profile and deleted a bunch of people I don’t really know, or don’t really like. I wonder why I even friended them to begin with. Tightening down security, I am more particular than ever about who I allow into my heart. I am looking back over all the friends I have had in different arenas of my life. I bless them for their lessons and gifts, and let them go. I forgive myself for unfinished projects, ones that I no longer have interest in, and I let them go. Time is flying so quickly, and is becoming so valuable that there is only time for what matters most. I am becoming keenly aware of the people who truly have my back, and I trying to give back love and gratitude to those who deserve my attention. 

Then there is the clearing out of unwanted physical items. This is a subject of contention in my home as I live with a man for whom holding on to things is a comfort. This is not so for me, as I would rather live a simpler, uncluttered life. I am resolved that he and I will find a balance in this. No matter what he does, I can still sort through my own personal stuff, and get rid of the things that no longer support me and my growth. 

Karen here. In reading what Ann has written, I realized that clearing has also been a recent main focus for me as well.  I marvel that we picked the word for this month a year ago, and it is now so timely for us both. We have just relocated our Divine You workspace to a room in my home, and this triggered a huge clearing for me on many levels, both in our old space at my other business, and at my home. The picture accompanying this post is only a part of the pile I have cleared.  It is patiently awaiting a donation pickup. I was amazed to find that I could let go of unfinished projects I had held onto for as long as 25 years, and that I could even throw away paperwork from past jobs that I "just had to keep" before now. I feel SO much better, and will feel even clearer when that pile is out of my garage.

What is it time to clear from your life?
Wishing us all clarity in figuring it out,
Ann & Karen

On Practicing a Craft

We believe that crafting is a great way to get out of your head, into a meditative space, relaxed, clear and centered. The reason we created Divine You Crafts was to impart the idea that craft can be those things and more, a journey as opposed to a destination. We want creative seekers of all skill levels to be in the space of creativity, no matter how bad their minds tell them they will be at it. In our group classes we see that when a person can overcome those feelings and just create, a wonderful sense of accomplishment can occur, and the object made, even when they were certain it would be a catastrophe, ends up becoming a treasured talisman.

We love supporting others in taking a creative journey of their own to see where it will lead. We love seeing people experience a brand new craft form, one they had never thought they could do. We especially love when people send us pictures of the wonderful objects they have created with our kits. If you have anything to share, please email We hope that our kits give you moments of introspection, centeredness, clarity, peace and joy.

We also believe that these practices apply to any writing, art or craft you may do, as well as physical practices such as running and dance.  The point is the PRACTICE, not necessarily that you get to be a bestseller, a Picasso or a record holder. Showing up for the practice is what brings joy and expansion to our lives, and is a way to contribute positive energy to the world. 

Divinely yours,
Ann and Karen

P.S. Oh, and by the way, doing one’s chosen practice is exactly how bestsellers, Picassos and record holders happen. 

Staying Centered

I met an interesting and very intuitive person recently who, after getting to know a bit about me and all my many passions and interests, described me as a wheel. The kind of wheel he described to me was a wooden one, kind of like a spinning wheel. It has a hub in the center, and several spokes reaching from there out to the outer circle.

I like this symbol a great deal. Sometimes I feel scattered, as though my many diverse interests are conflicting.  But seen like this, they all contribute to the stability of the whole, and its ability to move. Trouble happens only when I go too far out on any one spoke, and spend too much time there. That can throw me out of balance.

As much as possible I am trying to stay in the center of the wheel. Meditating, walking, laughing, playing with friends and family, proper rest and food, and other forms of self care help to keep me there. It helps me to balance the energy I give with the energy I receive. When I stay somewhat centered there is a better vantage point of all the spokes, the wheel stays balanced, and motion becomes effortless.

In the body, the center of our energetic system is the heart chakra. When we breathe deeply, act and react from the heart in unconditional compassion, we can change not only our perception of reality, but the lives of those around us as well. Our love and acceptance can create the space for miracles to occur in our lives and our relationships.

From my heart to yours-
With much love,

Finding My Center

I was off on one of the many adventures I share with my fifteen year old daughter, and she asked me if we could go to Glendale to walk the labyrinth at Forest Lawn Cemetery. I was delighted at the idea, as it had been a while since we had done that. We got in the car, and headed off.

A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. It combines the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. The Labyrinth represents a journey to our own center and back again out into the world. Labyrinths have long been used as meditation and prayer tools. Unlike mazes, which have many dead ends and traps, a labyrinth has only one path- into the center, and back out again.

It is a fascinating practice to do alone, noticing how impatient I am upon entering, how quickly jolting my steps are, fresh from the crazy world. After a while I find myself decelerating, the rampant thoughts easing as the gears in my head slow down, and my breath and heartbeat calming. I let the thoughts flow through me as I do this walking meditation until I reach the center. There I often sit and be, allowing whatever questions that may have arisen on the way in to be answered, or let go of. When I am ready, I take the walk back out out, calmer, more peaceful, yet energized.

It is an even more fascinating practice to do with loved ones. Depending on how long we instinctively wait before entering after them, different things will happen. Sometimes we will pass each other, letting our hands graze as we pass. Sometimes we walk in different lanes, but side by side, reaching out to hold hands as we do. Sometimes we are head-on for a moment, as two curves meet, and we exchange loving glances.  It shows me the way people come and go in my life, and the rightness of it all.

It is ironic that we do this practice in a cemetery, but perhaps that is part of the magic. We emerge more balanced and centered, and better able to appreciate the life we have been given. I urge you to do some research and find a labyrinth near you. It is one of the best ways I know to find one’s center.

Divinely yours,

Awakening Wonder

I am going to tell you a story about very special deer, and how he inspired my sense of wonder and opened up my heart. This event occurred sometime in the early nineties, a crazy time of three young children, a full time job, and about a million hobbies. I was always on the go, and seldom just relaxed and allowed myself time to just be.

My best friend lived smack dab in the middle of Montana at the time. We took the youngest child at the time and headed out from Reno on an epic road trip to visit. It was stressful keeping track of my hyper toddler in someone else’s house, and I was desperately ready for some alone time with my bestie. We headed out to a gorgeous place called Crystal Lake for a walk and a picnic.

We walked all around the lake with dragonflies, butterflies, and other small animals as our guides. The water was the purest I had ever seen, and the whole place was magical. After walking the lake’s perimeter, we found a picnic area and sat at a table. My friend next to me on my left, we set about eating our packed lunches.

We heard a noise and looked up to see a young buck enter the picnic area. He stood there tentatively looking at us. I turned my face fully towards him, locking eyes with his, and began sending him love and energy. Relaxing, letting my mind go I began to let the pictures in his head and feelings in his heart fill my mind. I had a deep sense that he missed the comfort of his mother, but that he also wished for the comfort of a mate. He was lonely, stuck in a sort of teen angst. I radiated maternal love to him, and as I did, something really special happened. He walked slowly through the picnic area, up behind me, and rested his head on my left shoulder. I sat very still, relaxing as best as I could, taking it all in. After a couple minutes he backed away, and slowly left the picnic area.

It was an incredible moment for me, one that I will never forget. It was a reminder of how magical life can be when we open our hearts to it. Deep connection can occur when and where we least expect it, if we can remain present to the possibility. I am forever grateful to that beautiful deer, and his willingness to risk safety to experience a moment of connection with us.

With love and an open heart,